All the Colors – Photography by Miranda Lattimore

Life has mostly been a roller coaster journey for me, and photography has always been my constant; the one thing I could fall back on when I wasn’t sure about much else.

From the first time I picked up a camera, I have always found it when I needed it most – family milestones, trips around the world, and on a day-to-day basis for those you’re-not-going-to-believe-what-just-happened moments. I am fascinated with scenery, and I love “finding” the perfect photo. Over the years, I’ve saved and upgraded my cameras, saved and upgraded, saved and upgraded. From disposable Kodak film cameras, to basic digital cameras and on to DSLRs, I still find every photo tells a story. It is the story the person behind the lens wants to tell – their perspective for the world to see. If you enjoy my photos, please consider hiring me for your needs so I may continue to share these stories.

I specialize in photography including, but not limited to:

  • Branding photos for social media
  • Food photography for restaurants
  • Outdoor photography
  • Recreational photography for parks and other government entities
  • Family milestones

View some of my work below, and check out more of my portfolio here.

Follow my photography Instagram account here.

**Currently accepting clients in the Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas in the PNW.

“Get outside!” Photos inspired by nature.

“No animal is too small to make an impact.” Photos inspired by other living things (the poodle is my dog, Mocha).

“Social Justice.” Photos inspired by human reactions to the murder of George Floyd, and a Juneteenth celebration of Black lives.

“Humans.” Photos of my fellow humans.

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