Peace Love Light Yoga

I chose the name Peace Love Light Yoga for my practice because those are the three elements that keep me going, and yoga is the perfect avenue to instill peace, love and light in others. These three words are much more than letters put together, they have deep meaning, and are a part of the core values that I hold close to my heart.

I am currently offering private classes to all who are interested. Most days, I’m teaching Yoga 101 at a local college in Portland and leading youth yoga sessions, along with mindfulness and breathing exercises in person and via Zoom.


I found yoga years ago when I was twenty years old, and my husband (boyfriend at the time) had gifted me a class pass to attend a small yoga studio in Santa Clara, California. Upon arriving, I could clearly see and feel that I didn’t belong. The hole in my sock became very noticeable all of a sudden, and my t-shirt and workout pants were not up to par with all of the fancy sports bras and yoga leggings that were on the bodies surrounding me. I sat in the back of the room, nearly one move behind the rest of the students throughout the duration of the class.

It took years for me to come back to yoga after that, and now that I am a 200-hour certified teacher and offer my own yoga classes, inclusivity is one of my biggest goals. I never want anyone to feel out of place in my classes, which is why I take an “every body is a yoga body” approach to this practice.

Peace Love Light Yoga

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