Peace Love Light Yoga Offerings

Free Kids Yoga Classes

I offer free kids yoga classes every month. My free kids yoga classes always include:

  • Physical and mental challenges
  • Education
  • The five senses
  • Motor coordination (including fine and gross motor skills + hand-eye coordination)
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Self-worth
  • Dozens of other things that will benefit your child’s development.

1-0n-1 Private Yoga Classes with Miranda

Private packages are based in Portland, Oregon or on Zoom if outside the area. Pick a package and inquire below. Private sessions are for children and adults ages 5+ and include:

  • Initial meeting to discuss needs/goals
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting
  • 8-week yoga plan or individual classes for $35 each (ages 14+ only) after initial consultation
  • 40-minute sessions
Initial Consultation
  • Required for all private clients. This is a great time to introduce yourself, voice your needs, wants, and concerns, and for me to describe the type of service I would provide for your needs.
8-Class Private Yoga Package Special!
  • *Class package can be used any time dates are available within a two-month time frame.
  • (e.g., 8 days in a row, 1 day per week for 8 weeks, etc.)
  • *For clients ages 5+

Introduction to yoga with Miranda: Yoga for Beginners

Ever get the urge to take a yoga class, but feel intimidated by the backbends and splits you see all the time on social media? Not sure what yoga is all about, or how it could benefit you? Do you want to learn how to get better sleep, improve your overall mood, and reduce stress and anxiety? This class will explain all of that and more! Join Miranda live on Zoom or Instagram Monday to begin your yoga journey, or to learn more about yoga. Be sure to bring water, a blanket/towel, and a strap along with your yoga mat if you have one. Enter your email below and keep an eye out for the Zoom link!

*This is a donation based class (no fee required). More class information will be emailed–sign up for updates below!

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